Mr. Mevlüt Kocadağ, the founder of our company, is the grandson of Hacı Mehmet Ağa who

became famous with his bakeries that he founded around 1850s in Batum, a city now located in

Georgia now. He is also the son-in-law of the milkman Ahmet Bey who was then famous for his

milk desserts.


Mr. Mevlüt Kocadağ continued his father’s poultry business for a while. In 1953, he left the family

business and founded the first Sütiş Branch in Nişantaşı. Our company has kept the original

recipes of traditional Turkish milk desserts so far and is now celebrating the 60th year of its

foundation. Sütiş is currently run by the 3rd generation of Kocadağ’s.


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